Sunday, January 29, 2017

Blog: The reawakening of

So every aspiring writer has to have a blog, right?

I set this one up a few years ago after Tom Brady was initially and absurdly suspended four games and I needed an outlet for my rage. We won't get into it here. The site's name has changed a few times before I finally decided it was time to buy my own domain, (when money is involved, you go with safe titles). Despite the transaction, blogging never became a regular thing for me and I sparsely updated the site aside from posting a recent class project. I write in a journal on an almost-nightly basis but never transcribe them here.

Even weirder than buying a blog when you never blog? Not sharing your posts with your audience. Also guilty.

I get anxious knowing people are reading my work, even when I’m very proud of it. The thought of all my pieces compiled together on one place makes me feel like they’ll be able to piece them all together like a jig-saw puzzle and come to conclusions about my personality, beliefs, and opinions. I’m friendly and charismatic, but am really private and introverted deep down, so the thought is unsettling.

That being said, a potential employer hypothetically laughing in my face when I tell them I don’t keep a blog makes me more uncomfortable. So here we are. From now on, I will be updating this blog regularly with my multimedia stories, writing samples, and assignments. In addition to the Instagram account I have linked, I'll be sharing some of my photography here more consistently.

Even beyond graduation in May, I'll be using this as my personal website representing me and my brand.  😂 I hope y'all enjoy and react to what you read and within the next few months.


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