Sunday, June 28, 2015

DIY: Personalized wine/shot/martini glasses

A how-to on one of my favorite crafts. A great way to give a thoughtful and useful gift, bond with your sorority, or celebrate one of your best friends bachelorette parties! 

Or place an order with me for those who don't have a steady hand or time to craft!

When I was trying to think of something to get one of my best friends for her birthday I knew I wanted to get her a gift that was meaningful. Thinking back to our traditional boxed wine nights every Thursday, I came up with the idea to find her an adorable personalized wine glass that I could order. Anna is very into zodiac signs, and she had all of us checking our horoscopes everyday after befriending her. I figured I would be able to find someone who could make me a glass with the Aries symbol on it in Anna's favorite color.

However, after searching Etsy far and wide, I couldn't find what I had in mind--at least any that were up to my aesthetic standards. I decided I was capable of making them myself, probably for less money, and went shopping for supplies the next day.

The first place I went to was Marshall's, and after seeing how inexpensive the glasses were there, I decided to make one for all of my friends. I bought five.

The glasses were a huge success when I gave them to my friends, and I decided to make some more as a gift for my cousin's bridal shower, this time throwing some shot glasses in the mix.

Necessary tools:
Paper, pencil, tape, acrylic paint, 2 fine paint brushes, cup of water, paper towel, clear coat of


  • Wash the glasses to make sure there are no fingerprints on them.
  • Cut pieces of paper to fit the area of the glass you want painted and sketch your design using pencil. Using a marker, trace your sketch and tape the paper, design facing out, to the inside of the glass.
  • Dip one brush in the paint and carefully trace the design on the other side of the glass. After going over the pattern once, remove the paper from the glass and paint a few more coats on the design to ensure that it's solid.
  • Dip the other brush in water and keep in handy in order to add some touch ups. Use it to remove smudges and clean up the edges of your design to make the edges even.
  • Once the paint dries, take the clear coat polish and go over the paint. Let it dry, rinse, and fill 'er up! Hand wash only, I'm not quite sure the paint will hold up in the heat of a dishwasher.
For those of you who love this idea but don't have a steady hand or the time to make these, feel free to order some off me! Using the following order form template, shoot me an email and we'll talk price!

Type of glass: champagne, wine (standard or goblet), shot glass, martini glass
Glass #1 Design and Color: (attach jpeg photo in email)
Glass #2 Design and Color:
Glass #3 Design and Color:

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